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Attorney Referrals

Our firm is frequently called upon to assist other attorneys and law firms who need expertise with business and real estate matters that are outside their normal areas of practice. We are honored to lend a hand through engagement as co-counsel or on a straight referral basis. We will only accept cases that we are well equipped to handle and where we are a good fit for resolving the client’s matter. We greatly value the trusting relationships we have with our network of referring attorneys and law firms, and in turn also respect their client relationships. Upon completion of any referral work, we encourage the clients to continue working with their original firm. Through our ongoing association with attorneys in other legal fields, we are able to connect our clients with competent counsel on matters that are outside of the scope of our firm, such as patent or family law.

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We encourage prospective clients to contact us by telephone, but if you choose to communicate by email, please note that sending us an email will not make you a client of our firm. You should not send us confidential information or sensitive materials when making an initial inquiry.


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